Marian proudly presents Burn, a creative writing magazine which features written work, photography, and artwork done by current students.

Burn is a school based publication of Marian, 7400 Military Ave. Omaha, NE 68134. Burn is distributed twice a year, once in the fall, and then again in the spring.

The online edition will exclusively feature works not selected for the print edition but deserving of attention. The print edition will be uploaded online a semester behind the publication date.

If you'd like to contact the Burn staff, please email burn@omahamarian.org


                                                                  by Araya Santo

At an intersection that goes every which way,

Constantly thinking about it, night and day. 

Torn between two, 

Set on a few. 



Excited at the possibilities, 

Afraid of the outcomes.

So many cars, 

Ready to go.

The wait is so slow.

Lose the path, 

Worried about the wrath, 

How long do I have to wait?

WIll I get there too late?

But if I get there on time, 

My dream could be mine.

Tormented with the choices,

Not knowing what to say.

Theories shouted from voices.

Be that as it may, 

They sit there, the truths lay. 

Not pretty, now kind.

Not funny, but humored.

Only one dominated my mind:

The one that’s beautiful, and gentle.

But lost. 

In all the intersections,

Pointing every which way…

All The Noise

                                                            by Kyra Lindholm

Life is a cacophony

There are no words to the songs we sing

Scream aloud to let them know


All we hope and fear

And plead and refuse

And love and hate

And wish and want

And pick and choose

Just want to contribute

A key or a note

A chord or a chime

A lyric or rhyme

Something so they won’t ever forget


March across the strings

Tambourines in our wake

Trumpets in the distance

Drum up an earthquake

No familiar tune to follow

Make it up as we go

Tap out a beat

With our hands and our feet

Our voices pit patter

Sung aloud, out of sync

Every voice

Every cadence

Every intonation

Every key

Inhaled and released

In one final batter cry

The great crescendo

Proclaiming WE lived

Before we die 

texture painting: allison dethlefs

texture painting: allison dethlefs